Power Projects
Power Projects


POWER PROJECTS has been involved in a range of renewable energy projects and has worked with clients on strategies for acquiring and developing small hydro developments, mid-sized wind farms and other technology projects.

POWER PROJECTS is "technology - agnostic" - we are interested in the whole range of energy supply-side options for meeting New Zealand's future energy demands. We can address fossil fuel and renewables options, although over the last 12 years we have developed a strategic interest in the future deployment of marine energy.  We have acted as advisor to a number of overseas government agencies on project selection and funding decisions.

POWER PROJECTS was the first company to acquire planning consents for the deployment of a wave energy converter in New Zealand waters.  This involved resource analysis, devising baseline and operational environmental monitoring programmes and conducting on-site research.  POWER PROJECTS has also developed skills, experience and a reputation for the high quality of its consultation with affected and interested parties, ranging from utilities, to Maori (i.e., first nation or native title) groups, to specific interest and sporting groups as well as private individuals.

We have extensive knowledge of the barriers, opportunities and threats to renewable and sustainable energy and our team is often called on to present informed, well-rounded, and perceptive assessments of sustainable energy supply investments, research & development and policy options.